Is locally grown produce affordable? YES, it is!

I read an interesting article put out by CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) last month – “Is locally grown produce affordable? Year-long study shows average price comparable to supermarkets.” It heartened me to read that, yes, “direct-sale prices are comparable to supermarket prices.”* Shopping at both local co-ops and farmers markets I can attest to this from personal observation. And though it’s rare that you will find me in an actual “supermarket” the study was done as a comparison between farmers markets and supermarkets, not co-ops. Though for you co-op customers out there, be glad to know that your dollars not only support the local economy, you are also paying a comparable price.

So is it in just some of our minds that we think we are paying more at a farmers’ market? Apparently so. “The survey, completed at the end of the last harvest season, included about 1,600 prices.” What tickled me was reading that tomatoes were just a tad cheaper at the farmers market than at the supermarket. Cause I love tomatoes! So it is wonderful to know that even though I will only buy them through my farmer friends, I am getting a good price.

But this begs the question – why would any of us think we are paying more at a local market, getting food fresh from the farmer than in a supermarket that ships in food from all over the globe? Well we aren’t. This misconception can now be dispelled. So with this in mind, support your neighbors, your health, and your wallet by shopping locally at your farmers’ market. Get fresh food straight from the farmers and artisans. And hey it just so happens that here in Ashfield we have our very own farmers market! Almost-one-stop-shopping for all our grocery needs!

The Ashfield Farmers Market is open Saturdays through October 24, 2015 from 9:00am – 1:00pm on the Town Common. Rain or shine.
Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs and meats, potted plants and cut flowers, honey, maple products, baked goods and coffee, local artisans and live music.

Please keep your pooches out of the market area to avoid unpleasantly-scented-accidents. Thank you. See you at the Market!

Arianna Alexsandra Collins
* REFERENCE: Read the article and study at:

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