What’s going on at the Farmers Market in July?

Here are some of the highlights from our regular, weekly vendors:

Need to cool down from the summer heat? Grab a maple ice cream cone at the Gray’s Sugarhouse booth. Made fresh with home-made ice cream and sweetened with maple syrup. Comes on a fresh waffle cone.

Heading out to a party and wondering what to bring? How about some hard cider from Bear Meadow Farm.

Need fresh veggies? Stop by the booths of Atherton Farm, Good Bunch Farm, Hart Farm, Spring Water Farm and Vy’s Veggies to view their selections.

Need a quick pick-me-up? Grab a coffee and a freshly baked good at Bread Euphoria.

And what goes good on that delicious bread from Bread Euphoria? How about picking up some homemade fruit jams from Barberic Farm.

And what goes good with that jam from Barberic Farm on those baked goods from Bread Euphoria with eggs from Bear Meadow Farm, Hart Farm or Atherton Farm? How about cooking up some breakfast sausage from Manda Farm. Manda Farm has a yummy selection of pork products from heritage breed pigs, organically fed and free to root. “We have 6 kinds of sausage, chops, roasts, ribs and steaks, smoked bacon and hocks, jowls, rendered lard, and “trotters.”

And lastly, the Turkish Kitchen is aiming to please your palate with a wide array of summer dishes using all organic ingredients. Enjoy Lady Aisha Beans, Cinnamon-Pine Nut-Currant and Herb Rice stuffed Peppers, Artichoke Hearts with Fava Beans, Swiss Chard Salad with Garlic-Herb Yogurt and other summer dishes. The staples — phyllo pastries with savory meat, cheese and veggy fillings, bean salads and sweets will of course be there as well. For a cold drink, try Ipek’s farm-made kefir and rosewater lemonade.


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