Summer bounty is here with blueberries, corn and tomatoes!!!

That’s right summer bounty is in full swing here at market.  We are on the common once again this week with the rich bounty of your neighbors & friends at the Ashfield Farmers Market.  Come say hello, we love our customers, their smiles and their support.  We’ll have chess at the market table, plus legos & bubbles for the little ones.  This week we’ll have eggs from Hart Farm and Vachel Farm will return with sausage and burgers.  Manda Farm has all of your meats for the grill, and Yard Birds Farm is serving up tastes of their 2014 honey.  Thomas will be at market with Shiatsu Massage too.

Our special musical guest will be Elizabeth and Ben Anderson, a lively Scottish fiddle duo.  They are playing at market at 9 am.  Check them out here:

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Chess on the Common

Did you here, did you here?

You can experience the bounty of the 2014 season right here at market.  Shop for local produce, honey, maple, breads & pastries.  Get fresh delectable prepared foods, AND now you can also join us for CHESS.

That’s right, from 9 am to 1 pm we’re hosting open chess games on the common, under the shade of our market tent.

Grab a coffee, have a snack and challenge your neighbor to a game of strategy.


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4th of July at the Farmers Market

Good morning everyone!

The sun has burst out from behind the clouds, after a wet and windy fourth and we couldn’t be happier.  Come enjoy this gorgeous weather with friends & neighbors.  This is the last week of berries from Mosaic Farm, but don’t worry blueberry season is upon us.  Berry season has only just begun.

It’s  a glorious day to starting a mini-chess tournament too.  Here’s the information via Donna of Spring Water Farm:

Ashfield Farmers Market invites people to come a play chess beginning today July 5th.  

Sign up will begin at 9:00am.

The first two players will play a game and the winner will play the next person on the list, and so on… will end at 1:00pm. Come and enjoy good food and a great game!

We’ll see you there!

Check out some photos from last week’s market.  We had flowers and eggs from Hart Farm of Conway, a performance from the Ashfield Community Band, plus loads of tasty vegetables, berries and prepared foods.  Join us this and every week.

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June 28th at the Ashfield Farmers Market

Summer is upon us, sunshine is here to stay, and we are loving the Town Common in Ashfield.  Last week Cecilia painted faces (check out Chris’s sweet stash below), children played t-ball, & we had acoustic sounds from Sonny.  Plus who could forget the delicious strawberries from Mosaic Farm.  What a treat, what a treat!  I ate my whole quart for breakfast with a chocolate croissant from Bread Euphoria.

We’re bringing you even more goodness this week:

Get there early for more of these beautiful berries, grown in the center of Shelburne by Mosaic Farm.  Stay for a live performance by the Ashfield Community Band and a delightful follow up by Lui Collins on banjo & guitar.

Stay for lunch and enjoy burgers from Vachel Farm with a fresh tomato from Good Bunch  Farm or enjoy some of Turkish Kitchen’s delightful fare.

Top it all off with some homemade maple ice cream AND get all of your shopping done for the week.  We have eggs, vegetables, meats, breads and stunning flower bouquets.  Plus don’t miss beaded jewelry from Lynette, and shiatsu massage by Thomas!

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This Week at Market

This week we’ll have burgers & sausage grilled on site from Vachel Farm, plus homemade maple ice cream from Gray’s Sugarhouse in homemade cones!  The Turkish Kitchen continues to cook up tasty treats for breakfast, lunch or snacking.  Coffee & pastries from Bread Euphoria make the day even sweeter.

We’ll have Shiatsu Massage by Thomas for tired garden body, soaps and lotions from Simply Natural Soaps.

Get there early  for cherry tomatoes & zucchini from Good Bunch Farm, more delightful starts for your garden from Atherton Farm, leafy greens from Spring Water Farm, herbed lettuce mix from Yard Birds Farm, and specialty greens, fiddle heads & rhubarb from Vy’s Greens.

Try out Anna’s breakfast sausage, pork and beef at Mandha Farm’s tent, grab your honey from Rick, and round out your day by sitting on the hillside beside a shady tree.

See you tomorrow!

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7 Things We Love to Do at Market

What’s your favorite thing to do at market?

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News for June, from the Ashfield Farmers Market

Spring is slowly giving way to faint hints of Summer. Amidst this slow and steady stream of change, the market is gaining steam. If you haven’t stopped by for a visit, come and say “hello”. We’ve been busy as bees preparing an awe inspiring farmers market season for you. Here are just a few exciting things coming up for June.

This month at market look for Mosaic Farm of Shelburne. The will join us for strawberry season, bringing fresh delicious berries for your enjoyment. I can hardly wait until berry season is upon us. I love to eat berries right from the carton, blend them into smoothies, drop them into yogurt and bake them into pies, especially if those pies also include rhubarb. What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy strawberries? Perhaps we can share recipes at the market.

You can expect early Summer vegetables from Good Bunch Farm including summer squash for grilling and the first tomatoes of the season. The Turkish Kitchen will be with us every week with an array of prepared foods and Vee’s Greens will return to us with a wide variety of asian greens. Rick Intres of Bear Meadow Apiary will be rolling out his line of hard ciders, and Hart Farm of Conway will join us with eggs and cut flowers on a bi-weekly basis.

On June 21st the Cecilia Van Driesche will be painting faces at market as part of a fundraiser for the Ashfield Community Preschool. I hear she paints a beautiful butterfly, and knows a lot about toads and frogs. Bring the little ones in your life by for a fun day of face painting, eating snacks on the grass & enjoying the sunshine on the common. Big kids can get their faces painted too, I know I want to!

We are packing the schedule with artists & musical acts. This months artists include Al Pieropan and his hand crafted wood benches, Tap Root Threads screen printing of Greenfield, Melissa Eaton of Simply Natural Soaps, and Lynette Desmarais’s beaded jewelry. There are still some spots available for the season. If you or someone you know is interested in being a guest artist please contact us at Artists of the week vend for free on a rotating basis.

Musical acts for this month include the Barbara Cassidy Band, Kevin Jones on jazz guitar, Sonny Crawford, and the Ashfield Community Band. Musicians interested in performing at the market should contact Angela at for more details and availability.

We are also compiling a series of farmer & producer led workshops, to be held at market throughout the season. These 30 minute workshops will include cooking demos, recipe shares, kimchi & kraut making, and a canned food swap! Look for more details coming soon here or on our facebook page at  

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Spring has sprung, and so has the Ashfield Farmers Market’s 2014 season.

After a whole lot of waiting, a long stubborn winter is finally giving way to a temperate Spring, and as the buds swell on the peach trees. Recently, I was discussing the impossibly cold temperatures with my mother-in-law. She laughed and promised, “Spring will come, you wait for it, and some years you don’t feel like it will ever get here, and then ever so slowly the weather begins to get warmer, and the birds return and the buds bloom on the trees”. She’s right, you wait for it, faithfully. Days get longer, and we rise dutifully with the sun to begin a promising season. We plan our gardens, climb quietly out of hibernation, return to the greenhouse, plant our seeds, dust off our wide brimmed hats, prepare our fields, mend our fences and begin our Spring projects.

In just one week we will be setting up the first Farmer’s Market on the common, the grass will be lush and apple trees will be in full bloom. Vendors will be helping each other put up tents, unpacking their wares and preparing to welcome customers with the offerings of Spring. The Farmer’s Market will start Saturday May 17th 2014, and will run from 9:00 to 1:00. Weekly vendors will supply seasonal vegetables, plants for your garden, fruit, cheese, meats, honey, bread, prepared foods & pastries. Biweekly vendors will supply eggs and flowers. Seasonal vendors will supply grapes, strawberries, mushrooms & a variety of value added products. We will strive to have live music each weekend, and craftspeople as Artist of the Week, so if you have an interest in being either of those, please be in touch at So come do your weekly shopping, and while you’re at it, enjoy pastries and coffee in the warm sun, say “Hi” to your neighbors, and welcome your local farmers back after a long winter. Celebrate the Spring, and the start of a new Market Season with all of us!  


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Last Market of 2013

Last market of the season! We’ll have guest vendors, beautiful glass beads from Joann and Bread Euphoria will be there with coffee and edibles. Come stock up and enjoy the fall. We’ll see you there.

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There is farmers market Saturday the 19th and 26th. We’ve still got plenty coming out of the fields and orchards (and ovens and hives and…) to fill your shopping needs. We’ll see you there.

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